What does ‘La’ad’ mean?2018-03-08T21:10:48+00:00

It is often said that the Jews are an eternal people. But as history has shown us, in every generation our enemies come for us.

The name La’ad was chosen for those two reasons; Just as the Jewish people are eternal, the word La’ad (לעד) means forever or eternal in Hebrew. The name לעד is also an acronym meaning להגן על דורנו (Lehagen al Dorenu) – defending our generation.

How is La’ad different?2017-12-14T17:48:35+00:00

La’ad Canada was started as an answer to the current landscape of Jewish advocacy organizations. Our philosophy is fundamentally different from other advocacy groups, as is our target audience.

Our primary focus is on building Jewish identity, and every project we undertake has that directive at its core. From our ‘Israel Indigeneity’ project, to our resources for parents and families, our goal is to strengthen Jewish identity for generations to come.

Examining the other advocacy groups around, it becomes obvious that there is an important gap. There are great organizations representing students, and fantastic work being done for baby boomers… but nothing in between. La’ad was started as a way to give Jewish millennials a voice.

Why should I become a member of La’ad?2017-12-14T03:03:07+00:00

Your monthly membership not only helps us to maintain an expected monthly income to help fund our many projects, it also gets you access to members only content, events and resources. To learn more about the benefits of membership, visit our donate page.

What do you do with my donation?2017-12-14T02:59:22+00:00

That depends on how you donate. If you’ve donated to sponsor a particular project or purchase, we use 100% of your donation to fund it. If you donated in support of a computer purchase for example, 100% of your donation goes to that purchase. If you donate to our general donation fund, or purchase a monthly membership, your donation goes to pay our standard operating costs.

To find out more about where your money goes, please check out our public financial disclosure, available on our website every tax year. Accountability is important to how we operate at La’ad.

Why can’t I get a tax receipt?2017-12-14T02:59:30+00:00

Currently La’ad is a registered Not for Profit corporation, and not a charity. This allows us to do vital lobbying work and government outreach, that a charity cannot do because of tax laws.

I have a business and I want human rights training for my staff, can you help?2017-12-14T03:00:04+00:00

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement!

I have an issue of antisemitism that needs addressing, to whom do I direct my inquiry?2017-12-14T03:00:12+00:00

Please contact our Advocacy Director at Sam@laadcanada.com