How the Toronto Star went out of its way to defend an Imam accused of anti-Semitism

Admittedly, I don’t speak fluent Arabic. My mom used to, and my uncle still does. So did my grandmother; she was from Beirut, Lebanon. Since I don’t though, it would be improper of me to try to interpret what Imam Ayman Elkasrawy allegedly said or didn’t say in a video of him leading Friday prayers at a mosque in Toronto. I would have no way to determine whether or not his statements were motivated by antisemitism. But that’s exactly The Toronto Star did, while at the same time peddling their own brand of anti-Jewish propaganda to boot.

In her rush to defend Elkasrawy, reporter Jennifer Yang has chosen to smear those Jews concerned about antisemitism emanating from pockets of the Islamic world by labelling them as among the “loudest voices” in some unnamed far right anti-Muslim movement. A disgusting accusation given the fact that the term far-right is used colloquially in place of ‘Nazi’ or ‘White Supremacist’, two groups not exactly known for their love of the Jewish people.

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