“Why start another Jewish org? Aren’t there enough already?”

We get asked this a lot. And honestly, though there are a lot of great (and not so great…) Jewish orgs out there doing amazing work, there is a gap that needed filling.

In talking to young families and young professionals, inevitably a couple of topics come up in conversation:

1) They don’t feel like the issues that matter most to them are being tackled by the mainstream Jewish orgs, and that their voice is not the one being heard when speaking to government and lawmakers. There are some great organizations working with students, and there are great organizations representing our parents’ (and grandparents’) generation. But what about those of us who are young professionals, just starting out, raising young families, and starting our careers?

2) How do we keep our kids engaged and excited about being Jewish, when so many people in our generation are not religious, or are marrying non-Jews? How do we engage our kids culturally, without feeling pressured to become religious, and while balancing the reality that so many of our generation are living in interfaith and multicultural families?

Those two issues are the core of what La’ad is about.
Our mission is to help promote a strong and proud Jewish identity – through advocacy, as well as education.

Will you join us?

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