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Sometimes it seems that Jewish advocacy is dominated by a small group of individuals who may, or may not, speak for the larger community. This is why we’ve started the La’ad Community Advocacy Council, a place where people like you can join with our staff and volunteers to drive real grassroots advocacy, and get real results.

La’ad Canada was founded on the vision that when communities come together, nothing can stop them. Now is the time to make that vision a reality. Join the Community Advocacy Council today!

What you will do

About the Council

The Community Advocacy Council is more than just an advisory body or board. It’s a space where community members come together to work on real projects of importance to the Canadian Jewish community, in line with La’ad Canada’s advocacy principles and best practices. This means that you’ll be able to take your suggestions and ideas from concept to reality, all with the assistance of our dedicated advocacy team. All you’ll need to apply is a copy of your Resume or CV and a cover letter stating why you want to join.

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How often does the Council meet?

The council meets at least once a month for all members to discuss ongoing activities and new or existing projects. Sub-committees may meet more often depending on the projects and roles of each council member.

Do I have to be a donor?

NO! La’ad Canada is a non-profit organization and our operations depend on the generosity of donors in the community, however the Community Advocacy Council is a space for ALL members of the Jewish community to come together to advocate for the things we all care about.

That said, members will be asked to make an initial contribution of $118 to the council’s advocacy fund, at the start of their term.

Can anyone join the Council?

YES! The Community Advocacy Council is open to anyone wishing to advocate on behalf of the Canadian Jewish community, regardless of age or background. Applicants should submit their Resume or CV along with a cover letter stating why they want to be involved here.

What kind of projects does the Council undertake?

Each year the Council selects at least one project to work on together. These projects can be large or small and will reflect the will of the council members. The only requirement is that they be in line with La’ad’s advocacy principles and stay within the mandate of the organization.

How long is a term on the Council?

A term on the Council lasts one calendar year and members are appointed for the full duration of the term. Members may re-apply for the following year. Those who previously served on the Council will also be given other opportunities for involvement should they be unable to commit to a full additional term.

What do I get for joining the Council?

When you join the Community Advocacy Council you’ll get an opportunity to work alongside our dedicated and professional team on a project of interest to you. You’ll get to take your voice to decision makers and people who matter, like politicians, officials, and other stakeholders. Our staff and Advocacy team will lend their years of combined experience to help you get your project off the ground and ensure that. Members of the Council will also be given priority placement for sponsorship opportunities and other fundraising initiatives.

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