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La’ad Canada is a Canadian Jewish advocacy organization founded in 2017 with the mission to combat antisemitism, educate Canadians about Jews and Judaism, explore the history and contemporary place of Jews as an indigenous people, and empower Canadian Jews to live a proud and meaningful Jewish life. Through research, evidence-based education, and community and interfaith outreach, we strive to promote mutual understanding, cooperation, and indigenous rights worldwide. We believe that the best way to combat antisemitism and foster a strong Jewish identity is through education, advocacy, and outreach.

Combat Antisemitsim

Antisemitism is a growing concern in Canada and around the world. We work tirelessly to combat hate speech, discriminatory attitudes, and other forms of prejudice against Canadian Jews through advocacy, education, and community outreach initiatives. Our goal is to build a society where Canadian Jews can live and thrive without fear of persecution or discrimination.

Educate Canadians

We believe that education is key to promoting tolerance and understanding among different communities. That’s why we offer evidence-based education programs to help Canadians learn about Jews and Judaism. Our programs are designed to provide an accurate and comprehensive understanding of Jewish history, culture, and religion.

Jewish Indigeneity

Jews are an indigenous people with a unique and rich history and culture. We work to promote mutual understanding and respect between different indigenous groups and communities, and to support indigenous rights around the world. Our goal is to build bridges between different communities and to promote a world where diversity is celebrated and respected.

Empowering Jews

We provide Canadian Jews with support and resources to connect with their Jewish identity and find a sense of belonging within the community. Our goal is to help them thrive and build a vibrant, inclusive community. Our programs aim to deepen their understanding of Jewish culture and values, and empower all members to lead meaningful and fulfilling Jewish lives.

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