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Our mission

Real Grassroots advocacy. Real results.

La’ad Canada is a Canadian Jewish advocacy organization, founded in 2017. Our goals are:

  • to combat antisemitism directed at Canadian Jews

  • to educate Canadians about Jews and Judaism

  • to explore the history and contemporary place of Jews as an indigenous people, through the building of partnerships with other indigenous groups and communities, promoting mutual understanding, cooperation and indigenous rights world-wide

  • to help Canadian Jews live an empowered and proud Jewish life

We achieve this through research, evidence-based education, and community/interfaith outreach.

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Fighting Antisemitism, Empowering Communities

A proud & empowered Jewish identity

La’ad Canada is committed to combating antisemitism through a focus on research and education. Our projects support and empower Canadian Jews to live a proud Jewish life and answer fundamental questions Canadians have about the Jewish people, their faith, and the ways in which they have faced persecution, both historically and today.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest news, events, and developments related to our work combatting antisemitism, promoting Jewish education and culture, and advocating for indigenous rights.