What makes us Different

Our Organization

La’ad Canada is a Canadian Jewish advocacy organization founded in 2017 with the mission to combat antisemitism, educate Canadians about Jews and Judaism, explore the history and contemporary place of Jews as an indigenous people, and empower Canadian Jews to live a proud and meaningful Jewish life. Through research, evidence-based education, and community and interfaith outreach, we strive to promote mutual understanding, cooperation, and indigenous rights worldwide. We believe that the best way to combat antisemitism and foster a strong Jewish identity is through education, advocacy, and outreach.

Travelling Exhibit

Who are the Jews?

The Who are the Jews? Travelling Exhibition is a portable museum exhibit designed to help Canadians better understand their Jewish friends, neighbours and colleagues. Through the exhibition, visitors can learn about the rich history of the Jewish people, their religion, and the ways in which they have faced persecution throughout history and today. The exhibition is specifically tailored to answer four fundamental questions most Canadians have about the Jewish people: “Who are they?” “What do they believe?” “Where do they come from?” and “What is antisemitism and how is it different than other forms of racism and discrimination?” By providing answers to these questions, the exhibition promotes greater understanding and helps to reduce unintentional antisemitism.

Practical, Job-Relevant Training

CARE Project

The Jewish community in Canada faces systemic discrimination and antisemitism in many aspects of daily life, from education to public services. Studies show that the Jewish community is one of the most targeted groups for hate crimes across the country. In Toronto they have been the number one most targeted group for over 15 years and Jews accounted for 62% of all religiously motivated hate crimes in 2020. It is essential that employee and employers have a thorough understanding of antisemitism and how to prevent it.

At La’ad Canada, we strive to combat this discrimination by providing education on how to proactively address the needs of the Jewish community, as well as how to relate more effectively with Jewish people as colleagues, customers or clients. Our evidence-based training programs not only help prevent antisemitism but also promote mutual understanding, cooperation, and interfaith outreach.